Samsung HW-C700 Receiver Issues - considering upgrading

Discussion in 'AV Receivers' started by Norse, Dec 2, 2012.

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    Hey guys!
    I've been into Home Theater gear for about 3 years now. I'm no where near an Audiophile but i am an enthusiast that likes a solid product. I guess ill just jump straight into my gripe with my current AVR, the Samsung HW-C700. I purchased this unit last February to replace my Sony STR-695. I purchased it based on its sound quality, HDMI switching capabilities, its looks and the fact that it was a Samsung unit and it would go along great with my TV and Bluray Player.
    I listened to the receiver in the store i purchased it from and it sounded fantastic. Sounds even better at home with my own speaker setup. The issues i'm having is, It doesn't switch video from all HDMI Devices. It switches my Samsung Bluray player in 1080P, Bell HD set top box in 1080i and my Xbox 360 in 1080P Without any strand of issues. However, It will not switch a PS3 when it is in 1080P. It won't pass the video through period when its in 1080P. If i reset the PS3 to 1080i, it works flawlessly. This is hardly a matter to be concerned about. The real problem is my HTPC. It won't pass the video through it at all no matter what resolution it is running. Now being that this is one of the main reasons why i bought this receiver, it is kind of maddening. (All devices are using HDMI)
    After trying many things (Changing cables, Changing resolutions, Upgrading the firmware) still no dice on the video pass through or switching from the HTPC. I contacted the store i purchased it from, they replaced the unit feeling that it was a hardware issue. Still the same issue with new unit. I know this receiver doesn't support HDMI video upconversion, but it still should work HDMI to HDMI right? I've contacted Samsung directly and they were very little help. Anyone have any advice on where to go from here? I'm at a point where i'm ready to give up on this AVR.
    On another note, I'm considering buying a new unit come boxing day when everything at Future Shop or Best Buy goes on sale. I'm currently looking at the Denon AVR-1613. Looks to have all the features i need for my setup and I've read somewhere in a product review that it supports HDMI upcoversion. That is a nice feature as i have a Wii that i occasionally play and has an analog output. Anyone have any opinions on this unit? Most of the reviews are very good on this unit but id like some more info from a reliable source.
    Thanks in advance for any type of feedback!

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