Samsung BD-P1400 Problem

Discussion in 'Playback Devices' started by DAN NEIR, Oct 14, 2007.


    DAN NEIR Guest

    I bought a 1400 last week and have been having problems playing newer discs. It first happened when watching the blu ray Halloween. The sound would start to cut out, 1st before Annie gets killed. The picture even sped up and paused briefly. Then the dialogue between Brackett and Loomis went in and out during the "death has come to your little town" scene. It happened again during The Day After Tomorrow about 45 to 50 mins into the film, there it dropped in sound and froze up. I returned both discs to Amazon thinking they might be bad and got replacements. In the meantime the player had no problems when viewing Dexter season 1, Superman Doomsday or Fantastic Four on blu ray. The replacement disc of Halloween arrived and that played with no problem but last night when trying to watch Fantastic Four 2 it did it again towards the end fight w/ Dr Doom. The audio cut out about 5 or 6 times. I've already called Samsung about a firmware upgrade, the disc should be arriving this week. But is this a firmware issue or might I have a bad player? The audio is connected via optical cable to my Denon 3802 receiver.

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