Samsung 40" LNS4092D or others

Discussion in 'Displays' started by Mike_Craft, Aug 14, 2006.

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    Im interested in purchasing this Tv. This will be my first HD set. I will be using this TV mainly for (in this order), Watching DVD movies with my xbox 360, playing xbox 360 video games, and watching HD-Divx files off my computer, connected via my video card out on my pc to my television.

    Currently I do all my viewing on a 27" Flat SDTV set. Heres basically the 3 things I need broken down.

    1. I have my pc connected to my tv now through s-video out cable and it looks really blurry. How will I be connecting my pc with an hdtv such as this? Like do I use my DVI out on my pc card to conect to a dvi port or something on my HD? Because I dont want low quality s-video again.

    2. As much as I would love to get HD-DVD or Blu-ray, Im going to stick with DVDs until one of those 2 formats is declared the Supreme winner. The last thing I want is a laser disc fiasco. Not to mention the prices are just to high now. $300 is the most I would ever spend on the new players. Also, More PC burners, software and support need to come out for either format. With this said, I need to know what type of quality my regular widescreen DVDs will look like on this tv. I also have several old movies which are fullscreen, so knowing what those look like would help. Oh and is the xbox 360 an upconverting DVD player or do I need to buy one of those too?

    3. Playing xbox 360 games is important to me as well. This is one of the main reasons I want to buy an HD set. I read LCds fall victim to a motion bluring with high speed movment. Is this gonna be the case 100% with my games? The tv has an 8ms response time and I know tons of gamers who play pc games on 8ms lcd monitors and they all say its fine. But of course this is a big tv so I would like to know if its gonna be a problem. I play all types of games btw.

    4. I also (rarely) watch Cable TV. I dont have a digital cable box (I have one downstiars in the main living room which my parents pay for but im not gonna pay monthly to get one myself). The cable is pretty bad and I tend to not care about television anyway. The only shows ill ever watch off Cable is Prison break and lost ( so Ill only watch 2 hours of TV a week). With that said, I just want to know what my tv broadcasts will look like, If their complete crap, thats ok, I just want to know.

    I hope some of you can help me out here. I really want to get a 40" Tv set. I was originally gonna buy a 32" but after seeing them in store, they didnt look any bigger then my current 27". Thus im going to go with the 40" range. Now I only make around $400 Cdn a paycheck (every 2 week), so saving up for this means no spending for me for 3 months strait. So I want to make sure im getting something worthwhile. Any comments about other LCD tvs in the 40" range would also help alot.


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