Salamander Synergy Triple 30 A/V Rack System (DC/Balt. area)

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    I am the original owner of this rack system, and it is in excellent condition. I'm changing my hybrid HT/2-channel room to emphasize the 2-channel system more, so here it is. I regularly treated the wood with some of that liquid gold stuff, and there are no children, no pets, and no smoke in the home. Check out the pics (the audio and video components are sold separately, of course)! Check out my ratings on audiogon and ebay (asindc). $700.

    The unit is complete modular, so you can add shelves, drawers, doors, change the perforated side panels, change the rolling casters to stationary feet, remove shelves, etc. You will find more information here:

    The rack system is available for pick-up, or I can arrange delivery in the DC area at your expense. I don't have the original boxes, so I don't feel comfortable shipping. Thanks for looking!


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