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    ...from Ram electronics. I ordered a 25' component-to-RGB cable from Ram on 6/3. I received an e-mail that included an order number, but NO indication of an expected ship date or estimated arrival and NO indication that the cable was either in or out of stock. I received no e-mail with a tracking number. Several days passed and I finally sent Ram a note, asking for order status. They replied, asking ME for my order #! I replied that I didnt' have it with me. Then, they replied with my order number, but no shipping information. Several days later, I received notice that my cable had shipped, with no explanation for the delay. Yesterday, it was delivered. 6/3 to 6/27: 24 days delivery. Worst service I've ever been subjected to in many years of mail ordering/internet ordering and I've ordered literally hundreds of items.
    Just a heads-up for you folks.

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