RUMOR (Keep that in mind): LOTR in 2007

Discussion in 'Blu-ray and UHD' started by Ricardo C, Jul 25, 2006.

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    As some of you may know, the LOTR trilogy is listed among the upcoming titles on the HD-DVD promotional site "The Look and Sound of Perfect". No release date is attached, but it IS there.

    Now, someone named FilmMixer posted this tantalizing bit on AVS last week:

    The actual post is here

    Now, the "next spring" part is conjecture on his part, since the NL exec didn't actually said WHEN New Line was planning to jump in, but apparently LOTR is in consideration to be one of their flagship releases.

    Like I said, this is just rumor and hearsay at this point, but at least said rumor comes from a seemingly well-connected source.

    *crossing fingers (and toes, and eyes...)*

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