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    Like so many others, I am delighted with the video and audio performance of my new RP91. There is however one annoying little quirk about this unit that I think could be corrected with a firmware upgrade and I hope Panasonic will consider it. The issue has been briefly discussed in previous posts.
    DVD-Audio disks also have DVD-Video audio tracks recorded on them, so that they can be played in DD 5.1 and/or DTS on ordinary DVD-Video players. There is no way to select these tracks on the RP91. Other DVD-Audio players, including at least one earlier Panasonic model, allow the DVD-Video audio tracks to be selected.
    Surely this is an oversight on Panasonic's part. Do you think they can fix it with a firmware upgrade? Do you think they will?
    I do love the player, and it may sound like a whine, but I'd like to get this fixed.
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