rivatuner / nvidia ntune temps don't match infrared temps

Discussion in 'Computers' started by Len Cheong, Sep 30, 2007.

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    I've got 2 8800 is sli and consistently the second card becomes 10 degrees hotter in idle (54 C and 64 C) and 20 degrees hotter during gameplay (64 C
    and 84 C). When the second card gets this hot, my pc boots out of my game and restarts. I get these temp readings from both nvidia ntune and rivatuner (latest one). However, my infrared temp reader reads that both cards are doing fine and are at about 60C during load. I just take a reading by aiming
    it at each card as near as I can.

    This is the second pair of 8800 that I've had. The first pair were returned since I thought it was a graphics card issue. Now I know this is not the case. I've swapped the cards and get identical results as well. I thought it was the case but the infrared temp probe reads that my lower card is not hot at all.

    Another thing is both cards start at 49 C after fresh reboot and being off.

    Is it my motherboard's bios not reporting accurate temps?
    What do I believe, rivatuner/nvidia ntune or my infrared temp reader?

    Thanks for any replies.

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