Review of Santana III remaster on Sony Legacy

Discussion in 'Music' started by coffeetime, Jun 21, 2011.

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    While it’s great to hear the extra tracks not included on the original recording of Santana’s third release, the remastered sound of the live tracks leaves a lot to be desired.

    I own a CD purchased in 1987 called ‘Fillmore – The Last Days’. The Santana track, ‘In a Silent Way’ is on this as well as the Sony Legacy remastered CD I purchased.

    The original sound is much superior to the compressed sound heard on the Sony remaster. When you compare the two, the Sony remaster sounds like one is listening from behind a door. The Fillmore CD version is immediate, sharp and upfront. Feels like your sitting next to the stage.

    What also makes the Fillmore – The Last Days track of ‘In a Silent Way’ great is that the track is approximately 1 minute longer than the edited version found on the new remaster.

    Perhaps the engineers had to make some editing choices to fit all the music on the remasterd CD? This was a mistake to edit this beautiful track - probably the best live track of all the songs. It’s rather like watching a film that’s been censored.

    I’d be willing to bet there was no remastering involved when the tapes of ‘‘Fillmore – The Last Days’’ were transferred to CD. So much for all the latest technology.

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