Return policy for > 40" HDTVs: NON-EXISTENT!?

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    I'm contemplating a new 46" TV, possibly a plasma. I have a great 32" SONY Bravia XBR from 5 years ago but I want to move up in size, see the detail everyone is talking about, etc.

    I learned of a retailer in my area (Philadelphia suburbs) called Bob and Ron's World Wide Stereo that seems very promising. Their website is good and the place appears to rival a company sadly gone from our area, Tweeter (formally Bryn Mawr Stereo).

    They are located a little distance from my current employer and I thought to check them out soon. However, when checking such matters as delivery info and return policies, I found much to my disgust they will NOT except ANY returns, whether for exchange or refund on any new HDTV over 40 inches in size.

    This seems OUTRAGEOUS to me! Are they saying they don't stand behind the "larger" products they sell? What if I buy a new set, get it home and find it damaged in delivery/transit or some major component has failed right off. Am I stuck with it?

    Don't tell me the customer has to contact the manuf. on their own and get a replacement. I had to do that once before and it was a pain.

    I ask if any other people have encountered this. Best Buy doesn't have any such nonsensical policy nor a few of the other "chains" I've visited. Is this a trend with small stores/inidividual operations? I hope not. If so it is truly despicable. The lack of respect and consideration for the client in this area is fairly obvious to me here. I can maybe see a refusal with people purchasing one and just not liking the image/sound or performance and wanting to take it back but what about damaged goods. Give me a break!

    This company has been around since 1979. I hope this is only a recent change. If there is any way to "negotiate" this issue at sale in my favor, please let me know. If I'm out of luck here I suppose I will skip this place. Sad...

    Thanks for your patience and attention.
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