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    Please pardon me for all the stats lately, but I began to really think about distributors decisions on certain releases so I have been doing some analysis. This time, I wanted to see how they have done with regard to releasing long running series. As usual with my research, I have set my own arbitrary parameter of any show (non anthology, soap, or variety) that ran 3+ seasons. Also, as long as a show had at least 1 legitimate release, I did not include it. Even if it has been stalled, there is still something out there. Goin in, please know that I'm sure I missed some. One question I have for you folks is which of these series, if any, might see the light of day. I'll throw my two cents in at the end.

    50's - The Millionaire, Hawaiian Eye, 77 Sunset Strip, Rifleman (supposedly coming out soon), Ozzie and Harriet, Make Room For Daddy, The Lineup, December Bride, My Little Margie, Our Miss Brooks, Life Of Riley, Private Secretary.

    60's - Run For Your Life (my fave), Ben Casey, Hennesey, Bachelor Father, High Chaparral (overseas release), Name Of The Game, Julia, Mayberry R.F.D., 12 "O" Clock High, The Nurses, Farmer's Daughter, and Of course Batman.

    70's - Chico and The Man

    80's - Head Of The Class, Dear John, and the biggie (Wonder Years)

    90's - Chicago Hope (overseas release)

    00's - Cold Case (music rights nightmare)

    Findings. The studios haven't done too bad getting at least a few volumes out of most long running shows. Sadly, If you eliminate the 50's stuff, their report card is actually very good with long runners. Now if you want to discuss long running shows they have stalled... completely different story.
    As for my own predictions on these, Warner is a wilcard with Strip and Eye, so I won't even guess on those. The ongoing stuff with the family of Ozzie and Harriet Nelson tells me we will see that at some point, maybe Danny Thomas as well. The two I'd most want to see are Run and The Defenders but things don't look good on them or most of the others on this list. I'll end by playing devil's advocate and stating that I really do believe Batman will eventually come out and the outcry for Wonder Years will eventually convince the studio to give in and pay for the music. IMO

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