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Discussion in 'Playback Devices' started by HRD-DHC, Sep 13, 2010.

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    I just got a call from my friendly neighborhood Best Buy, and it would appear that my Samsung HT-BD3252 is difficult enough to repair that they authorized an exchange.


    Looking around, CNET had many nice things to say about the S570 and S770 systems. My requirements are:


    1) Wireless rear speakers

    2) WiFi and capable of streaming Netflix


    I'll be hooking it up in a main floor room attached to an 47LG90 LED-LCD TV.

    My downstairs system is a Sony S350 + Sony separate 5.1 receiver/speaker setup + 56" Samsung DLP in a dedicated movie room. That one's a wired system; easy to hide down there.


    Right now, my prime candidate for the upstairs is another HTIB: the Sony BDV-HZ970W. It'll be about a $150 upgrade from my Samsung HT-BD3252.


    I'm willing to consider other options, if the group mind can come up with a system for less than a grand (the refund value of the BD3252 is about $675).


    Peanut gallery? Anyone?


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