Replaced Projector Lamp and need advice?

Discussion in 'Displays' started by Peter W.H, Dec 6, 2008.

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    I own a Panasonic L500U and decided to get a new lamp because I am moving it to another room when I upgrade to the Panasonic 3000.

    I ordered my bulb from one of the Forum Sponsers and received it exactly as requested. I followed the replacement instructions but the lamp still will not light beyond just the On Screen Menu.

    I should explain that the original projector lamp lasted to 4754 hours. For about 100 hours prior it said replace bulb but still was working. The light was illuminated on the control area of the projector that said lamp. Finally during a show the actual lamp stopped working and only the on screen projector menu worked. The only part that was not able to be adjusted was lamp mode, picture adjust, and things related to the bulb.

    So my question is what could be wrong? Once the new lamp was installed the light on the projector is off but the menu is still not giving me lamp mode, picture adjust, and is acting like the bulb is still bad even though the light is off. I did clear the lamp timer and it is zero'd out. I actually did this with the old bulb still installed knowing it was necessary.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated. I don't want to think I just spent $350 on a lamp I can't use.

    I read a recommendation on Projector People that said if a new bulb is installed and timer reset but bulb still doesn't illuminate to briskly shake the bulb because sometimes the contacts/lamp have residue from manufacturing. I have not done this yet because shaking the bulb doesn't sound like a good idea, but maybe I am wrong.

    Thanks for reading and for any suggestions you may have.


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