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    Ok maybe it's not that bad but i am struggling with this. Here is the deal: I have a gateway media center 820 gm pc (media center 05)I am told by the way that is uses a pc express bus for video cards. Anyway naturally I want to run HDTV to my new 42" zenith plasma screen monitor but my HD satellite set up box only has dvi/component/s-video out. My pc cards have no dvi or component in nor can I find an upgrade card that does. The s-video is no good because it will not carry HD signal. What would work if someone made an adapter to go from dvi or component to digital cable as my tuner card would accept that. I also found this : "ATI HDTV Component Video Adapter" on the ATI site. This adapter can take component cable down to what appears to be an s-video jack. Would this adapter lose the HD signal or is it the answer to my problem? Anyway I would appreciate a way around this and any advice would be appreciated.

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