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    Hello, all!

    I am purchasing a home soon, and plan on making some much-needed updates to my home theater once the move is complete.

    I am upgrading from my 42" Philips plasma with Ambilight (over 5 years old now!) to a Samsung UN55B6000. I am very excited to upgrade to this TV, after quite a bit of research and price comparisons.

    My question, however, deals with the surround receiver. I currently use an Onkyo HT-S580 HTIB setup. I would like to upgrade to a 7.1 receiver, and was looking for one with the following features:

    • 7.1 surround (currently only using 5.1 speakers, but would like the option to upgrade in the future)
    • Convert Analog Component signal to HDMI (I would like to run a single HDMI cable to the television; everything else will pass through the Surround.)
    • Upconversion? (The only device I use that does NOT broadcast in 1080p is my Wii... but it'd be nice to upconvert that to either 720p/1080i/1080p)
    • Supports current Blu-Ray codecs

    Accessories like fancy remote controls or iPod docks are of absolutely no value to me; I stream my media through a home network, and I use a Harmony remote to control my devices.

    I was considering the following Receivers, but would like to gather some votes from people more knowledgeable than I. If you have an alternative receiver to suggest, then please do!

    Yamaha RX-V565

    Sony STR-DN1000

    Sony STR-DH800

    Onkyo TX-SR607

    Finally - as a side effect of choosing ANY of these receivers, I will have to buy a new subwoofer; the one I have uses 2-wire speaker wires to connect; all the receivers I've looked at only support the pre-amp RCA subwoofer connection. Could someone suggest a subwoofer to replace my old one? Keep in mind I'm on a budget. (If you know a way to hook up my current woofer to with some trickery, that'd be great too!)

    P.S. I'd like top avoid replacing my current satellite speakers; I figure I'll blow enough money on the other stuff. Does anyone anticipate problems with my current set? If upgrading the receiver would require me to buy ALL new components, I had also considered purchasing this complete HTIB instead:

    Onkyo HT-S6200

    But that's ONLY if I would have to buy all new parts anyway. I don't anticipate having to do that.

    Nevermind on that HTIB - it doesn't do the analog/digital conversion that I'd need...

    Thank you so much for your words of wisdom! I can't wait to get this up and running :)
    Please be as long-winded as you like; I will soak up every single thing you say.

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