Receiver to go with JBL-NSP1?

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    Aug 30, 2002
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    I am thinking of getting the JBL-NSP1 speaker package plus the Sony SA-WM40 subwoofer. I have a 27" TV and already have a DVD player.

    I was wondering what would be a good match for a receiver.

    Our living room has one full wall (---) (about 17 ft.) which the tv is in the middle of. Another wall which has two windows ([[[) (about 14'). There are about a couple yrds of full wall (---), gap, then a diagonal partial height wall (///), and then another gap.


    I am planning on using this system for movies, not for music.

    I saw a recommendation elsewhere for the Pioneer VSX-D811S, but was thinking that might be overkill. It seems set up for 7.1. Would such a system still work well enough for 5.1? How about the Pioneer VSX-D711, which looks to be 5.1?

    There is so much out there, it is all very overwhelming.



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