Receiver keeps shutting off!?

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    New to the forum. I could not find an answer relavant to my situation so decided to join up. Sorry for being long winded but I dont want to leave anything out...
    I have a Pioneer vsx-821K receiver and right now I have it connected in my new home to the speaker terminals for the in ceiling and outdoor speakers that came pre wired in my house.
    When I play music on my receiver it just shuts off for no reason. Sometimes it takes 10 seconds, other times it takes an hour but always it ends up shutting off. There are a total of 4 speakers connected, 2 in ceiling and 2 outdoors.
    The way it is wired is I have a 4 post jack on the wall next to the receiver (2 red 2 black). There are 2 volume control knobs on the opposite side of the room. One for the outdoor speakers and one for the indoor speakers. Each volume control knob has 4 wires (2 black 2 red) input, and the same (2 black 2 red) output. Total of 4 wires in and 4 wires out for each of the 2 volume controls. The input wires run down to the utility room (total of 4 red and 4 black) and when I bought the house were just hanging from the ceiling down there.
    The 4 wires from the jack on the wall also run down to the utility room, 2 more red and 2 more black. These were also hanging from the ceiling in the utility room.
    I was told by a friend to just connect all the blacks and all the reds and the system should work. I did this and sure enough I started getting sound. It worked the first day for about 6 hours straight and since then has been nothing but trouble (last 3 days).
    Did I wire this wrong? Could there be another issue with the system that I am unaware of.
    The speakers are 8ohm by the way and the receiver is capable of 6-16 ohm but it says that the front speakers are set to a value of 12-16 ohm when speaker AB is selected (this is a multi room function of the receiver). I have tried connecting the wall jack posts to the front left and front right of the 'A' section and also to the L and R of the B section. Same problem either way.

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