Radio Shack Kameleon (#15-2137) 6-1 remote

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    While in RS Thursday, I noticed they are closing out their 6-1 Kameleon universal remote for $19.97. The model number is 15-2137 and comes in a hard, plastic bubble package. This remote is not listed on RS's website.

    The #15-2137 remote is different from their original 6-1 Kameleon remote #15-2133.
    The #15-2133 Kameleon had a feature which sensed vibrations and would turn its touch screen display on. There was no way to turn off this feature without opening the remote and physically making a modification to its innards. The slightest movement would turn the back light on and drain the batteries.

    This new Kameleon #15-2137 allows this feature to be disabled from the keypad, as well as a key pad brightness control button, helping to prolong battery life. It's an easily programmable remote which can be upgraded (new codes) either over the phone or from an email attachment from RS.

    The #15-2137’s touch screen display layout changes depending on what device you want to operate. It is very easy to program and operate and a great value at under $20.00.

    I visited 2 RS stores, one had a dozen or so units, the other had none so availability may vary.


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