Question on Speaker Setup?

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    I have the Energy Take 5 speakers and a Pioneer Elite 35 reciever. Now this is my setup.
    L C R
    X X X
    8 Ft from L-R
    S Bed Against Wall S
    X B X
    Back Wall
    8Ft from Left Front to Right front is this the right distance between speakers. Where the bed from the front Left and Right speakers is 9 feet, so what should the distance be from the Left and Right speakers, should I reduce the 8 feet or keep them at 8 feet since my bed distance is 9 feet from speakers?. Also If my surrounds are on the side wall and they are about 6.5 feet from bed on both sides how high should I have them. I have the surrounds when sitting on my bed about 5 feet from my head, should I lower them alittle or keep them high. I have the surround tilted to the rear wall is this ok. Any tips would help. Thanks

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