question on my rx-v1300 and video switching

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    Mar 1, 2002
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    I had a question. I bought my new yamaha rx-v1300 for video switching ability. I have one sony component video DVD player, dish network s-video, and a component video xbox. Well after reading around I see that I will still need to feed a s-video cable and a component cable from the tv to my receiver which is no big deal. But if I wanted to switch from my dish to a dvd movie will I still have to hit tv/video button on my mitsubish hdtv to change video inputs and still change audio inputs on my reciever? Is there any way to make it where if I change inputs on my reciever it will switch video too or am i SOL? I was doing the manual method before with my yamaha rx-v596 receiver, changing tv/video on my tv then changing audio input on my receiver.

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