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    Just like to know if there are specific numbers on which age group, if any, is driving the market. I have heard the largest buyers are the baby boomers, like myself. If that is the case, and it very well might be because despite what advertisers think we have lots of disposable income, that would explain why the 60s and 70s shows are predominant and not 80s and 90s. Speaking for myself, I buy just about every 60s series that comes out, some 70s. There are a handful of 80s shows I would buy (Moonlighting, Equalizer, Wonder Years, Brooklyn Bridge) and nothing from beyond that. I have anything post-1980 that I like on tape but if I can get it on pre-recorded I would rather do that so I can spend the time on the rest of the collection that will never come out. And if something comes out that's been tinkered with, like Wiseguy, I will just transfer my off-air SP masters to DVD and not bother purchasing the show. Same goes for WKRP if they ever put it out and screw with it. I've been at this hobby a long time and until the mid-90s off air network broadcasts were fine. No bugs, no credit squeezes, no crawls across the bottom of the screen. Today, unless you have a big dish, you don't have the option of recording clean, off-air copies. Doesn't affect me as current shows aren't of interest to me to save.

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