Queen+ Adam Lambert 6/30/12 in Kiev, Ukraine, YT video included

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    Queen+ Adam Lambert's first full show together took place this past Saturday, it was a double bill with Elton John as part of a charity concert.
    Here's the full show
    Please people, let's keep the comments on the show itself (and the upcoming 5 throughout Europe) and not drone on about Freddie Mercury, how this is a travesty and blah blah blah. Yes, Adam is not Freddie, nobody is. Let's not rehash old arguments and just concentrate on the performance yeah?
    Overall I was pleased, some nice selections in the set list (though not necessarily with the order of them.) Some songs suited Lambert to perfection ("Who Wants to Live Forever") and some that probably should be dropped ("Fat Bottomed Girls.") There were some gaffs and miscues but hey, it is a live show afterall and it's their first one together, it happens.
    Brian and Roger sang lead on a few tracks including Roger duetting with Adam on "Under Pressure" and I rather enjoyed Roger's son Rufus joining in the fun, he's got a future as a big time drummer.
    Anyway, I'd give the show a 7/10, there's room for improvement.

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