Quatermass, Nightmare Man, Triffids, Dominc Hide, Invisible Man ... and MORE!!!

Discussion in 'DVD' started by DavidofLondon, Apr 11, 2005.

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    As I assume people will know last week all those BBC items were released on Region 2 DVD.

    Very nice releases they were too IMHO. I particularly liked the excellent insert booklets written for each DVD. The Quatermass booklet having 48 pages and being the best of the bunch.

    I was discussing these releases with a dealer I know at the weekend and apparently the distributors discovered an unexpected problem with these that I think is excellent news.

    The problem was they entirely underestimated demand and have now shipped all items from their warehouses. They're rapidly pressing another batch.

    Which left them going back to the BBC archives looking at what else they could consider. They've already planned a second release for Sep/Oct this year and are looking at including

    Adam Adamant
    Out of the Unknown

    and more ... but what else? They're looking through the archives and are by all accounts very open to suggestions right now. So if there's BBC Cult TV you're interested in I suggest you look their details up on the DVDs and drop them a polite line requesting they consider including them.

    On a related note the first thing that occurred to me was the BBC's 1954 production of Nineteen Eighty Four starring Peter Cushing. The rights to that are apparently owned by DD Video and that is already scheduled for an Autumn (Fall) release this year.

    My suggestions for things they might include were

    Omega Factor


    Andromeda Breakthrough

    But I'm sure you can come up with your favourites to suggest (of course several people asking for my favourite items wouldn't be too bad an idea either [​IMG] )

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