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    so i was just looking at the magnolia/bb website to see if they're still carrying martin logan. i knew the dynamo was being heavily discounted at audio advisor and saturday audio ($470+/- from $650). you had to figure it was to make way for the new line. when i saw the new entry level sub listed on the magnolia site (dynamo 500 $499, and the idiots who set their site up list the variable crossover as the freq range.) so i headed over the martinlogan website to find out what's actually going on. the dynamo and abyss are being replace by the dynamo 500, 700 and 1000. the 500 is like the dynamo light and is ported instead of sealed like the old dynamo and the 700 and 1000. the 700 is the closest to the old dynamo with a little more power and extension. the 1000 is more like the abyss again specing a little better. the numbers all roughly approximate the list price, $500, $700 and $1000, i'm sure they'll be a bit below this.

    the most interesting thing is that the 700 and 1000 both come with a built in receiver for a proprietary wireless transmitter that is available separately from ML. i have now idea what the sound quality i like from this but owning one of their products and knowing their reputation, i would think this can't sound too bad. personally i'd use a cable if there was any way i could but for people who find it's no cable or no sub, this could be a great option.

    this is from ML's facebook page:

    i know 2.4Ghz used to mess with my wifi... it's all very curious...

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