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    Jun 15, 2012
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    I have the Bell 9242 model which services two TVs -- until now I thought it was the best thing since sliced bread but I've just come up against what I think may be Bell deciding to shift their focus to their new fibre technology.
    In a nutshell, our PVR has begun malfunctioning -- spent some time on the phone with their technicians only to find out my hard drive is the problem but that Bell no longer makes a PVR that supports two TVs. So my choice is to either buy two (one for each TV along with an addition landline to support the second PVR) or purchase a 'refurbished' model like my existing one.
    My first question is why would they discontinue the multi-TV model? And it does seem like a nice scam -- if you have more than one TV, you are not only on the hook for more than one receiver, but also must sign on for the monthly charge for another phone line!
    Are there other options out there?

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