Pulled component cable with TV and DVD player ON and lost the input signal ..HELP!

Discussion in 'Displays' started by brentl, Dec 31, 2003.

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    I fear the subject is a little vague!

    I was fooling around checking if a $15 dollar DVD player that could no longer play DVDs was capable of playing MP3 still and I boo booed badly

    The screen came up for the dvd player and I noticed it appeared RED. I thought I may have hooked up a component cable wrong so I took them all off.

    As soon as I removed one, Blue I think, I had the TV flicker and now the component input doesn't work on my TV.

    Does anybody know how to correct this?

    How do I reset my TV .... Toshiba 27"

    Could I have done any permanent damage?

    I can use another input so at least I can watch a movie, but when I move up to a FPTV in May I was HOPING to use this as my regular display.


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