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    I am currently using a Denon universal remote (from my AVR3802) with a macro capability (up to 6 macro). I wanted to program it so the TV, Receiver, DVD player would on turn on with a single button.
    Here's where I have some problems, in order to watch DVD I have to switch the TV input from TV ant. to component mode (which is 3 clicks on my TV input button, right now I have 4 inputs, TV, PS2, Denon setup, and DVD) and so I would have to program the macro to click twice on the TV input button. However, what if the starting input is not TV ant. mode? wouldn't the 3 clicks on TV input button causes the input to be on something else? (from PS2 mode, 3 clicks would go back to TV) or the TV/receiver is smart enough to stop at the DVD mode? (from PS2 mode, it's 2 clicks to DVD)
    What should I do to solve this problem? should I route everything thru my receiver so there would be only one input to the TV? or there's a way to program it with screwing up the input mode?
    BTW, I have Mitsu 65411 with 6 input options..........


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