Problems when using the broadcast master tapes to author TV show DVDs?

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    Hiya folks!

    Background story
    A while ago as many of you may be aware Justice League Season 2 was announced to be coming on DVD in widescreen.

    Recently it was found out that the DVDs were going to be in widescreen but was not going to be in an anamorphic/16:9 Enhanced Presentation but rather in a letterboxed 4:3 presentation. Still widescreen just with more black bars.

    One of the reasons behind the letterboxed format is that that the master tapes obtained for the DVDs was from the Cartoon Network braodcast master tapes. The master tapes were letterboxed widescreen - 4:3.

    Now here's the point of this thread! My questions...

    Question 1
    Are there any inherent problems associated with using broadcast master tapes? I know that broadcasts are inherently interlaced source, so will that mean the source material (master tapes) will be interlaced? Does this create noticable artifacts (interlacing, combing) in the DVD? Or is this simply an authoring issue so that if the DVD is authored right we shouldn't notice things like combing? (e.g like in Futurama; see the purple guy on the right and the thing in Bender's hands)

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    Question 2
    Whats the "resolution" of Broadcast Mastertapes? Even though Justice League was not aired in HD like say Lost I'm thinking the Braodcast Mastertapes must still be pretty high quality? (Even though it comes out average as a cable signal) Am I right? Would there be a better source to get it from or are Braodcast Mastertapes close to or is the source material?

    I know these questions are rather technical but i figured if any forum could answer these questions is gotta be HTF! Take that as a compliment[​IMG]

    Thanks in advance!!

    This is NOT a rant against WB or Warner Home Videos!!
    Please note: This thread is not a rant about why oh why was it not 16:9 enhanced. Personally I'm glad its coming out on DVD and in Widescreen. From a perfectionist point of view i'm a little unhappy, but Justice League is a show I love and will be "upgrading" as newer HD and more HDer formats come out.

    I know i cant stop pple from posting posts on their disapointment but if you do then this thread will just become an anti-WHV thread and my questions won't get answered! [​IMG]
    So if you want to flame start another thread!

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