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Discussion in 'AV Receivers' started by djtech2k, Apr 20, 2013.

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    I have a Pioneer VSX53 that I had installed a few weeks ago by Magnolia. In fact, they were at my house again today for programming for my control4 unit.

    In any event, shortly after they left, I started having an issue that I could use help with. In a few weeks, I have only used my new media room a couple hours, so I am still overwhelmed by the amount of equipment and capability that I know little about so far.

    I have the VSX53 and its hooked up to MartinLogan L, C, R, and surround. I have a ML wireless subwoofer also.

    The problem started was that the sub would hum/hiss for a while. Then it would start blasting a bunch of garbage, almost sounding like it was flapping. Anyway, I ended up having to turn it off and back on. It would stop, but it would start doing it again at different times. I looked at everything and nothing looked out of place. Now the sub does nothing and I cannot get it to make any kind of noise of any kind. Its on, but nothing comes out. During the time it was misbehaving, I was trying to look at the receiver and I may have accidentally hit some of the buttons on the front behind the door. So I am not sure if I have accidentally changed any of the surround, sub, or any other settings. The surround speakers (ML) seem to not make much sound at all now.

    When the Magnolia guys were at my house today, they moved some things around and did a calibration on the surround. They told me that I can do it by plugging in the mic to the vsx53 and following the on-screen guide to calibrating the surround for my seating.

    So with all of that said, I am a bit baffled. The receiver seems very complex and I have no idea how Magnolia had it setup to begin with. All I know is that now no matter what I do, the sub does nothing and the surround speakers do very little.

    So what things should I do? What settings should I use or what should I do to troubleshoot these issues? The wireless sub seems to link up according to the lights on both ends. They are only about 4 ft away from each other. The surround or subwoofer settings on the receiver are a complete mystery to me.

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