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    Hi people,
    Need your advice probably, or at least to know that I am not alone with this problem [​IMG] So - the story is: I've bought myself a copy of Nekromantik: Collector's Edition DVD by BARREL Entertainment not so long time ago and today I have just watched it. I am living in Moscow, Russia - so I have multi-region (as most of the European citizens has [​IMG]) Hi-End (maybe not really Hi-End - but the best from the 800-1000 USD price range for sure [​IMG]) player "Pioneer DV-737" - their latest and one from the most expensive model so far. So - the movie itself plays fine without any problems, but when I am trying to access the Supplements (Trailers, Featurettes etc...) - everything is going wrong - menus crashes and I can not see anything but the digital artifacts - and even if the featurette or a trailer starts playing - it is only for several seconds with distorted image and audio and then everything crashes. Right now I am still owning my old (actually not so old - just 4 months I have it [​IMG]) player - DENON DVD-1000 - and I have pluged it to my system again and have tried to access the supplements using my old player - and everything works! Aside the heavy artifacting (probably Barrel should tell their authoring facility to make a better compression job for the supplements and probably the movie itself - I can not tell anything bad about the actual movie compression because I saw it with Pioneer - and it has 5 additional digital filters which eliminates almost any compression artifacts, so I can not tell) - everything was fine. So - from that experience I made a decision that there are two possible problems - the first possible problem is that they have placed all of the supplements on the second layer and my Pioneer player just can not read it properly, but somehow Denon can. Or the second possibility - is that this particular disk doesn't correctly work with Pioneer's firmware (for example, cause of the not correct authoring) and I should upgrade it (probably that is not the case cause this is the newest model and I had no problems of that kind with any other disks before). So - my actual question is - has anybody else out there had such problem with their players/disks of this title, or maybe someone with Pioneer DV-737 who have NOT had such problems with this particular title? Also - would be cool to hear any suggestions of what to do in that situation - I have sent the letter to Barrel already describing the problem - but no answer from them yet [​IMG] I have their Schramm disk in pre-order but now I am thinking that probably I could not access any supplements there as well [​IMG] So - any ideas, people?

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