Press Release: Paradigm delivers upgraded line of budget-friendly, high performance subwoofers

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    Paradigm Delivers Upgraded Line of Budget-Friendly, High-Performance Subwoofers

    Adding design enhancements and a new wireless model, Paradigm incorporates more value into the PDR v.5 series.

    Atlanta, GA – CEDIA Expo 2010 – September 23-26 – Booth 418 – Paradigm Electronics Inc., an international leader in speaker design and manufacturing announces the fifth version of the PDR subwoofer series. The best performance and value offering in the budget subwoofer market, the PDR series offers superb definition and deep bass impact for which this lineup has long been known—as well as the newly introduced PDR-W100 a wireless model.
    "The PDR line is hugely popular due to both high performance and affordability," said Paradigm’s Marketing Manager, Mark Aling."Not only will the new PDR Series stay true to the proposition of function and value, but we’ve added a wireless model to further increase the ease of installation and placement and ultimately, the listening experience."
    Upgrading the PDR-8 and PDR-10, Paradigm introduces the PDR-80 and PDR-100 with the same reinforced polymer-composite on the 8˝ and 10˝ single forward-firing drivers. The cone material ensures excellent rigidity and superb internal damping. Brand new to the PDR series, the PDR-W100 is the first-ever wireless sub for Paradigm, adding a new le vel of versatility and functionality to the renowned performance synonymous with the brand. The PDR-W100 ships wireless ready, including Paradigm’s own wireless transmitter. With patented built-in high-power amplifiers, the PDR-100 and PDR-W100 boast 360 W Dynamic Peak with 120 W RMS Sustained power.
    As with the PDR v.4, the sub/sat phase alignment switch for 0 degrees or 180 degrees allows users to adjust subwoofer settings to avoid "wave cancellation," which occurs when there are sound waves going forward and equal sound waves going backward in a room, thereby canceling each other out. A subwoofer that is 180 degrees out-of-phase with the main speakers would lead to an audible decrease in bass response. The phase align ment switch allows listeners to compensate for this scenario. In addition, both models feature a bypass option on the subwoofer cut-off frequency.
    Aesthetically, the PDR Series features a lifestyle design cabinet with slim, curved edges for added appeal and it comes in a Black Ash finish. With removable grills and dual rear ports, customization options abound for customers.
    Additional specifications for the PDR line-up:
    PDR-80 – 8˝ (210 mm) cone; 300 watts Dynamic Peak/100 watts RMS; 32 Hz Low-Frequency Extension; 14 in x 12 in x 14.375 in; 24 lbs; $279
    PDR-100– 10˝ (255 mm) cone; 360 watts Dynamic Peak/120 watts RMS; 29 Hz Low-Frequency Extension; 15.5 in x 13.125 in x 15.25 in; 29 lbs; $399
    PDR-W100 – 10˝ (255 mm) cone; 360 watts Dynamic Peak/120 watts RMS; 29 Hz Low-Frequency Extension; 15.5 in x 13.125 in x 15.25 in; 29 lbs; Wireless; $499
      Availability is estimated as late October for all models.  

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