Press Release: Paradigm debuts a new addition to custom subwoofer line

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    Paradigm Debuts a New Addition to Custom Subwoofer Line

    Paradigm steps up the power to their architectural subwoofer line through the addition of the new PCS-82SQ.

    Atlanta, GA – CEDIA EXPO 2010 – September 23-26, 2010 – Booth #418 – Paradigm Electronics Inc., an international leader in speaker design and manufacturing, adds a new model to their PCS Series, the PCS-82SQ an in-wall model built with dual 8" drivers. Renowned for unmatched affordability in the entry-level custom subwoofer category, Paradigm’s PCS Series also consists of the PCS-80R, an in-ceiling model with a round footprint, and the PCS-80SQ, an in-wall model with a square footprint.
    Using proprietary design techniques, Paradigm has engineered another flawless sub whose ability to be placed inside a wall has no affect on its performance or sound. With a chassis that can either be directly mounted into the wall or installed into its optional backbox BX-82SQ (sold separately); the PCS-82SQ is as versatile as it is sleek. The PCS-82SQ is a step above the line’s PCS-80SQ with each GRIP™ (Glass-Reinforced Injection-Molded Polymer) chassis having two 8" woofers. Each woofer has a 38mm (1-1/2") diameter voice coil, long travel suspension, high-temperature polyamide former and a large ceramic ferrite magnetic structure.
    Superior power is provided by the corresponding Paradigm® Ultra-Class-D™ X-300 amplifier (sold separately). With 900 watts of Dynamic Peak Power and 300 watts RMS Sustained, the X-300 can drive up to two PCS-82SQ subwoofers, bringing you multi-sub applications with unmatched power. Using Paradigm's proprietary Digital Signal Processing (DSP) design and EQ settings to match cavity size or the BX-80SQ optional backbox, the X-300 coaxes every ounce of high-performance out of the PCS subwoofers.
    Further room-specific equalization is available with Paradigm’s Perfe ct Bass Kit (PBK, sold separately) compatible with the X-300 amplifier. Paradigm’s combination of industry-leading driver technology and ultimate power from the X-300 brings out clean, clear, and accurate bass reproduction in the PCS-82SQ.
    The PCS-82SQ has an estimated MSRP of $449 and is expected to be available late October.
    Additional specifications for the PCS-82SQ:
    · Dual 8" (210 mm) drivers
    · 19 Hz (DIN) low frequency extension
    · Subwoofer cut-off fr equency of variable 23 Hz – 150 Hz
    · H X W X D = 16.75 in x 9.24 in x 3.94 in
    · Finish: White, paintable

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