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    Task-oriented email arrives on Mac: Mindsense unveils Mail Pilot for Mac & Mail Pilot 2 for iPhone + iPadIntuitive email with a simple, task-oriented approach is now cross-platform. Users can quickly manage and productively organize their Inboxes with Mail Pilot for iPhone® + iPad®, and Mac®. Mail Pilot for Mac has just entered beta, and the next generation of Mail Pilot for iPhone + iPad is coming soon.
    Released on October 3, 2013
    Mail Pilot for Mac Beta Open
    Intuitive email with a simple, task-oriented approach, tailored for the desktop. The brand new promo video, making of video, and website have full details.
    Mail Pilot for Mac features
    [*]Complete Messages When done with a message, simply change its status from Incomplete to Complete, just like a to-do list. Gone are the days of tricking email clients by toggling read/unread.
    [*]Set Reminders for Messages Set a reminder for a message and Mail Pilot will prompt you when it’s time to deal with it. Free your inbox of messages you can’t yet tackle and never miss a due date again.
    [*]Organize Any Way:
    [*]Organize based on message status as Incomplete, Complete or Set for Reminder
    [*]Collect groups of related messages across all of your accounts using Lists.
    [*]Easily achieve Inbox Zero. Set Aside messages that can’t be organized immediately and drill through them when you have more time.
    [*]Existing folders and labels can be accessed and utilized anytime.
    [/list][*]Simply Compatible Add all Google, iCloud, Yahoo!, AOL, or standard IMAP email accounts. Mail Pilot remains securely synchronized with email servers and other clients.
    [*]Across Devices Enjoy a uniform and synchronized email experience across devices. Mail Pilot is tailored for Mac, iPhone, and iPad.
    [*]Unified Adaptable Inbox Focus on what matters to you. Experience a Unified Inbox or filter specific accounts. Show, hide, detach, shrink, or expand to easily achieve your desktop Inbox bliss.
    [*]Converse Clearly View conversations intuitively with Nested Threading. Browse and filter long threads to find clarity and context. Add to the conversation quickly and naturally with in-line reply.
    [*]Stay Notified Get notified of new messages with fully-integrated system notifications. Mail Pilot remains constantly synchronized on Mac to save you time.
    [*]Search Quickly Search quickly and efficiently to find exactly what you’re looking for.
    [*]Alias Support Seamlessly send messages from an email address that you have forwarded to another account.
    [*]Keyboard Shortcuts Drill through your messages efficiently. Common actions are always an intuitive shortcut away
    [/list] Availability
    [*]Beta access has begun rolling out in phases.
    [*]Public sign-ups for beta access are still available here
    [*]Stay notified of Public Launch here
    [/list] Mail Pilot 2 for iPhone + iPad Coming Soon
    The same great workflow, but faster, more stable, and with many new features and improvements

    [*]Completely rewritten back-end to dramatically improve stability, compatibility, and speed
    [*]Many new features and improvements
    [*]Notifications for new messages (also available now in 1.3)
    [*]Background message syncing (also available now in 1.3)
    [*]Completely redesigned user interface (also available now in 1.3)
    Mail Pilot 2 for iPhone + iPad will be available as a free update for all Mail Pilot for iPhone + iPad customers.
    Push to Desktop & Push to Mobile
    View and act on messages within the context of your devices. With the introduction of Push to Desktop and Mobile, users can deal with important messages when and where they want to. Push the message containing meeting details to mobile to reference it on the way. Push the email requesting the PDF to your desktop to remember to send it along next time you're at work.
    Completely Rewritten Backend
    To dramatically improve stability, compatibility, efficiency, and speed, Mail Pilot 2 for iPhone + iPad and Mac is written on a completely new backend.
    These changes have been in development and testing for months. The cross-platform Mail Pilot experience will be rock-solid, incredibly fast, and simply compatible with all IMAP accounts.
    Secure and Private Syncing
    Mail Pilot remains synchronized across users iPhones, iPads, Macs, and email servers securely and privately.
    Mail Pilot never stores, processes, or transmits data through any third-party servers. All account information, passwords, personal data, and messages are securely stored on users' devices. All communication occurs directly between users' devices and users' email servers.
    Mail Pilot: Email Reimagined was successfully funded on Kickstarter in February 2012. Mindsense LLC was launched to bring Mail Pilot and other refined software experiences to life. In June 2012, Mindsense launched the Mail Pilot web application. In April, 2013 Mail Pilot for iPhone + iPad was released to widespread praise and featured on the front page of the App Store in over 130 countries. Mindsense just began rolling out Mail Pilot for Mac® beta access in preparation for a public launch soon.

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