Praise for Carada, VisualApex, Blue Jeans Cable

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    I've just completed my first ever major renovation... turning my basement room into a front projection home theater.

    I'm a total novice when it comes to construction, and I did have to build a wall to achieve what I was looking for, but that went OK.

    Anyway, the point of the post is to give rightful props to the companies I purchsed from when it came time for the equipment.

    1. Carada - I knew the screen size and type I wanted, and I knew it was going to come from Carada after all the glowing comments from HTF members. I was not disappointed - not only does the screen look fantastic, it is extremely well-built, and the service and communication I got after the sale from Rex were astounding. If you're in the situation I was in, not really haivng a way to compare screens, you cannot go wrong working with Carada.

    2. VisualApex - I got my Panasonic PT AX100U from VisualApex, along with a universal projector mount. This mount gave me some headaches when it came to assembly, and Jocelyn at VA (I can't stress this enough) STAYED AFTER CLOSING TIME AT THE STORE IN ORDER TO HAVE THE MOUNT ASSEMBLED TO MY PROJECTOR MODEL, THEN EMAILED PICTURES OF THE FINISHED PRODUCT TO ME TO ASSIST MY ASSEMBLY! Again - this vendor gets my highest recommendation.

    3. Blue Jeans Cable - Well, all they did was give me the exact cable I wanted at a fraction of the local price, and it works beautifully. 'Nuff said.

    I made a conscious decision in buying equipment that I was not just going to chase the best price, but was only going to work with vendors that came with high recommendations from past customers. I am convinced that this was the right decision, and it paid off with none of the usual headaches that can occur when purchasing products over the internet.

    I can't recommend these vendors enough.

    Christopher Stucky

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