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    I'm fighting a bit with setting up my speakers in a satisfactory manner... So far, I love the sound when I listen to music,
    but I'm sort of clueless what to do about 5.1 sound.
    List of materials:
    Totem Accoustics speakers
    Storm subwoofer http://totemacoustic.com/en/hi-fi/sub-woofers/storm-sub/specifications/
    Sttaff mains http://totemacoustic.com/en/hi-fi/columns/sttaf/specifications/
    Dreamcatcher center http://totemacoustic.com/en/hi-fi/center-channels/dreamcatcher-center/specifications/
    Dreamcatcher rears http://totemacoustic.com/en/hi-fi/compact/dreamcatcher/specifications/
    on 80cm high stands
    Maranz 6005 receiver http://us.marantz.com/us/Products/Pages/ProductDetails.aspx?CatId=AVReceivers&SubCatId=0&ProductId=SR6005
    Oppo 95 player http://www.oppodigital.com/blu-ray-bdp-95/
    Room: (careful. it's a flat, I do have neighbors on top of the map, as well as below and above)
    The one side has windows, the other side is open... I guess none of those are ideal...
    When I use the Audissey calibration and settings (only works on HDMI), I get the impression of having too much bass, especially
    when compared to the direct 7-1 analog connection from the Oppo. When enabling the sound compression schemes, it's not quite
    as bad, but poorly balanced (useful for listening late at night though).
    Not sure what to do. I tried keeping to specs all over the place regarding height and distance from the walls... The distance between the Sttaff
    are also just below the 3 meter recommended maximum.
    Ideas I had:
    0) Actually borrow a stand to make the mike measurements for Audissey.
    1) Ignoring the first hint (primary listening position) and going for a first position in the middle of the chairs, as neither of them is in the center...
    2) Moving the Subwoofer to the top right of the map (so in the back of the viewers, towards the open end of the room)
    3) I'm playing with the idea of turning the screen with it's back to the window (good blinds), which would give me more room?
    Ideas I did not have:
    You please tell me :)
    The sound when fed on Jazz is quite fantastic, but as this is my first upgrade from my 20 years old Pioneer mini-system I'm quite clueless
    about moving on...

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