PLVZ1 glitches .... Please Z1 owners

Discussion in 'Displays' started by Mark Amayao, May 5, 2005.

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    OK I have just noticed a problem as of late while watching S.W.A.T. Last night ... wasnt sure if it was a problem with my dvd player or what but it seems that when there is a bright flash of light like a close-up of an explosion or something like that the projector looses the signal ... it just flickers off ... now i am not sure if i can isolate it to my projector ... but this is what happens. Ive isolated a seen in S.W.AT. that I can pretty much reproduce the problem.

    The scene where they have already shot down the swat helicopter transport and street thugs and gangsters ambush the caravan on the street ... there is a thug in a building firing a missle launcher down into the street and you actually get a close-up of him in the room and there is a bright discharge from the rear of the missle launcher. Thats when it flickers off and the projector will not re-sync....... now I have a JVC 7 Progressive scan dvd player running component out through the component video switching in my RXV 2500 Receiver ... I cannot for sure isolate the problem to the projector because the interlaced OSD of my rxv 2500 gets detected by my projector and displays it.

    What confuses me more is when I take the projector off auto and put it to detect a fixed progressive signal the problem isnt as pronounced meaning that after the flash a second later it will resync. Weird. Im thinking it could be 1-the players output 2-the component video switching in my receiver and 3- the projector itself ...

    I have added a new receiver (rxv2500) and re-hooked it up but since then i didnt put it into much use since ive been busy installing and setting up clients systems ... ill keep trouble shooting but wanted to see if the problem persists or see if any ya'll have encountered the same problem.

    Just retested and it doesnt happen anymore ... I am assuming it is more prone to that happenning when the projector has heated up

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