Please, studios... Mysterious Monsters and Outer Space Connection on DVD!

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    I have no idea who owns the rights, but I would love to see those cheesey Sun Classic Pictures documentaries released on DVD, mainly their first two -- The Outer Space Connection, hosted by Rod Serling (it was an ancient astronauts thing) and The Mysterious Monsters, hosted by Peter Graves (Bigfoot, Loch Ness, etc.) They did others -- Beyond and Back (near death experiences), In Search of Noah's Ark (badly debunked), The Shroud of Turin, etc.
    I see people looking for copies of these on "videos wanted" message boards all the time, and people selling copies taped off the television on eBay. I think The Outer Space Connection was available on VHS at one time in the mid-eighties, but I know that The Mysterious Monsters has never been released on video in any format.
    I sure would love to own these guilty pleasures from my childhood on DVD. Madacy, Image... someone?

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