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Discussion in 'Computers' started by Dick, Sep 15, 2003.

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    I have been asked if I might be interested in creating 15-30 minute "virtual tours" of homes that are up for sale. This could be a great second income, providing I can accumulate the needed equipment and learn how to use it fairly rapidly. Upon request, the local realtor could send one of my DVD's to a prospective buyer. There are tons of cameras out there that will do the job, I'm sure. It is AFTER the shooting I am concerned about. I need a good software program which will allow me to edit the raw footage and add narration/music/titles - something it doesn't take a rocket scientist to learn. I have a Sony PCV-RX750. Also, I would need a good DVD recorder for my computer which could burn copies on demand (I have a DVD-Rom, which I assume could be used to feed the final edit which I will have copied from the hard drive. Now I need a good burner. Can further editing/tweaking be done here, too?) The shooting will be easy for me as I've had many years experience with movie and video cameras. Now what? Thanks for any help!!

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