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    I purchased a teac d200 receiver and pioneer s-hs100 speakers from richer sounds which thankfully was given to me on a 14 day trial run. The issue I am experiencing is is that after approx. 1.5 hrs of playing something heavy like avengers movie there is a click from the receiver and a drop in the sound (mostly seems to be bass). Richer sounds have agreed to change the receiver at the moment for a sony stdrh820 which costs a little more.

    Now heres where my headache begins - I have noticed the speakers are rated 6ohm and the amp 8ohm - I have also read that in running this type of combination can cause overheating and possibly a drop in sounds levels. Is this what I am experiencing already with the teac rated 6ohm???.

    So the real question is do I get the sony amp and keep the pioneer speakers or go for something simpler such as a Yamaha yht298 @£229 or yht398 @£299 all in one box. Which setup will give the best sound quality and reliability?

    If anyone has any other suggestions under £300 that will sort me out would be welcome

    Many thanks in advance for any time spent replying

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