Pleasant "Khartoum" Surprise

Discussion in 'DVD' started by ChuckSolo, Jan 23, 2004.

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    I was browsing at used book store that also sells used VHS and DVDs yesterday and came upon a VHS copy of the 1966 Charleton Heston/Laurence Olivier epic "Khartoum" in pristine condition. It was priced at $3.99 so I picked it up. I noticed that the box said that it was a "Digital Tansfer" and the sound was in Dolby Surround/Hi-Fi Stereo. I got it home and popped it into my JVS S-VHS recorder and turned on the ol' HT. The Dolby ProLogic II kicked in and what I saw and heard was nothing less than amazing. The picture quality was almost on par with DVDs and the surround sound was excellent. The only draw back was that the film was in the fullscreen mode although I noticed a lack of the "This film has been formatted to fit your screen" disclaimer. The picture was sharp, vibrant and quite excellent. I do have to add that I am using the S-Video port on the JVC to the S-Video port on my TV, so that may account for the PQ. The sound was equally as excellent and the bass that came through was rich and not boomy, although not as pronounced as on a DVD. All in all, a pretty good find.[​IMG]

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