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Discussion in 'Displays' started by treddy, Apr 26, 2006.

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    My 1.5year old Panasonic Plasma TV has run into a wierd problem. On any of video1, video2 or video3 inputs, picture is not coming. Audio is working ok. I tried connecting different components through S-video cable and also through regular RGB cable, but they are not working. So far I was getting by using Comp1, comp2 and HDMI inputs. I called panasonic and they said they haven't heard this problem before and think one of the cables inside the TV might have come loose and I need to get it checked. So I was wondering if anyone seen this kind of problem?

    And my second part of question is: since comp1 and comp2 are working, can I buy a converter RGB/S-video to Component converter and get around this issue? Since now I am out of warranty and to get it checked local authorized dealer quoted $150 to check up (plus $120 for housecall, otherwise I have to carry the system to their place) and then if there are charges for any additional repairs. So for me buying a converter looks like a chaper option for now. I appreicate if anyone can recommend a converter.

    thanks in advance for your reposes,

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