PIONEER DV-37/38A DVD Player (2001)

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    hey all. the 1998 PIONEER DV-09 DVDP that was my DVD mainstay developed a fault
    somewhere in it's ANALOG OUTPUT stage, so i had to retire it 'till i can get it fixed,
    or get another donor 09 for it's verified functional output board.
    in the mean, for a mere $50shipped, i picked up the 2001 model DV-37, one step down from PIONEER's 2001
    TOTL DV-09 successor model, the DV-38A, the very last single disc PIONEER DVDP
    to feature the traditional ELITE Rosewood side-panels and lacquer front fascia;
    as you will see, there isn't a whole lot of internal differences between the two,
    considering that one MSRPed at around $1000, while the other at $2k;
    (( MY OWN PHOTOS OF DV-37 ))
    -at any rate, i paid a mere $50 for this thing, and it does it's job well, so i'm in no position to complain.
    in fact, this step-down model does things so well that i'm half convinced to retire the DV-09 to collector's piece status,
    and procure a good overall condition DV-38A to use as my primary DVDP.
    after all, these two near identical models are one hell of a lot simpler and easier to service by half, and they're awful Purdy to boot...

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