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    My wife and I recently built our first home. We got you choose a floor plan and customise it to what we wanted. When we were designing our layout for the family room we wanted to utlize the space above the firplace and mount our TV above it. I know what your thinking already... big mistake... and you would be right. TV veiwing was great when you were standing in kitchen preparing a meal but heaven forbid you wanted to sit down and enjoy a movie, you might as well take two asprin for the neck ache before you even start the movie. After, sometime I searched the internet and found a company called Dynamic Mounting which made the perfect solution for me. The mount slides down from the wall and out from my mantel making it an excellent veiwing angle. No more neck aches, no more friends and family avoiding my house to watch the game, instead everyone loves it. My TV at its highest point is 62" off the ground, at its lowest its 32" off the ground plus its coming out over a 8" mantel. The mount the very sterdy and due to the counter balance I could lift it with minimal effort.

    Check out the photo attached and their website

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