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    Switching from Satellite to PC/Internet. Let me explain what I am planning and then I'll ask for help on a particular item. Many thanks in advance for suggestions and recommendations.
    I've set up a PC with a 2 channel card; 500gb hdd; 6670 video card and two external hdd's for backup and movies. Wireless Logitech kb/mouse unit
    My intent is to to Over the Air digital for local TV channels and then internet for Netflix and other content. I mounted a good quality external antenna which I've tested for reception and location. The outside antenna will feed into the house coax system so TV's in the various rooms can get signal.
    I bought 4 Netgear MOCa units that I will use to route the internet to certain TV sets/pc's. I also have a wireless N network in place.
    In the family room I will put the PC mentioned above into the TV (Panasonic 40" plasma about 7 years old with a single hdmi). I also have a Phillips SB currently hooked to the TV/Satellite because the TV speakers are anemic. The pc will have a MOCa box for internet.
    Here's my question/issue: Do I run an hdmi from the pc to the TV and then use RCA to the SB or do I go from the PC to the SB and then to the TV via RCA? My goal is to use the PC running Win7 64bit and Media Center and perhaps XBMC so we can watch streaming internet content, movies from an external hdd or OTA local channels. I have not experimented yet. Looking for input on what to keep an eye on, the types of connection(s), hardware, etc.
    Now open to questions and comments.

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