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    Seismic 110 is a state-of the-art subwoofer in a diminutive form factor with every component designed specifically for this application.
    Atlanta, GA – CEDIA Expo 2009 – September 9 – Hall C, Booth 3325 –
    Paradigm Electronics Inc., an international leader in speaker design and manufacture, introduces the Reference Seismic™110. While designed to meet today’s demand for a small form factor in a subwoofer, don’t be fooled by the Seismic™110’s diminutive proportions. It offers truly groundbreaking (and ground shaking!) performance. The soul of this little sonic bulldog is a unique implementation of the ultra-low-distortion split-coil drive woofer coupled with the muscle of an 850-watt RMS UltraClass D™ amplifier.

    The Seismic 110 captures all of the design and engineering talent we have in-house at Paradigm,” stated Paradigm’s Marketing Manager Mark Aling. “This subwoofer is a true collaboration between our industrial, mechanical, electronic and acoustical design team; unlike many of the other subs debuting here at CEDIA, this product has no off-the-shelf parts but is custom built to showcase how FORM follows FUNCTION.”

    The exterior shell is a die-cast monocoque design that forms an integrated compact package with the woofer tucked inside. The woofer itself boasts an FEA optimized motor structure together with integral heatsinking, which when coupled to the die-cast exterior shell ensure a cool running, high output woofer. The 10˝ woofer cone is capable of a phenomenal 2 inches of travel, giving unbelievably deep bass from such a small form factor. The dual spider suspension and FEA-optimized ribbed surround help keep things under control when the going gets loud.

    However, even when the world’s finest subwoofers are perfectly positioned, the room itself can still have a dramatic impact on performance. A solution? The optional Paradigm Perfect Bass Kit (PBK-1™). With PBK, the effects of room boundaries on sound quality are a thing of the past. This state-of-the-art bass perfecting system (sold separately) will analyze the Seismic 110’s response inyour room, and then set the correct equalization parameters to obtain optimal sound.

    Paradigm Reference Seismic 110
    • DesignSleek, curvilinear die-cast monocoque exterior
    • 10” high-excursion driver: mineral filled polypropylene cone with RCR resonance control ribbing
    • Comprehensive range of input and control facilities including rear USB port
    • Ultra-Class D Amplifier
    • 2550 W Dynamic Peak / 1500 W RMS Continuous
    [*]Bass Drivers
    • FEA natural frequency
    • Stress Analyses optimized

    Available in a premium Piano Black finish, the Paradigm Reference Seismic 110 has an estimated US FMV of $1499.00 and will be shipping by the end of October 2009.

    For more information on Paradigm, please visit

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