Panasonic SA-XR57 7.1 Digital AV Receiver

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    seems stocks are trickling into the market at the moment

    improvements over the previous XR55

    Dual-Amp drive in 5.1 mode
    the dual amp drive on XR55 was only available when running in stereo mode. Ability to run in 5.1 makes a lot of sense especially a lot of people with 5.1 setups and do not want to move to 7.1. the relay automatically powers the front L/R with 2 amps per channel. Triple-amping is still on in stereo mode it seems like.

    Synch Delay
    unfortunately only and ON/OFF

    HDMI1.2a with HDAVI control
    not sure if HDAVI is relevant if you already have a universal prgrammable remote with macros, definitely redundant if you don't have complementary Panasonic equipment (DVD player, display)

    also not sure if HDMI1.2 is relevant - it is capable of carrying digital DSD audio, but it would seem that Panasonic will not decode it. remains to be seen as no one has a HDMI1.2 capable SACD player as yet.

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