Panasonic ae300 HT projector (370 hours) PLUS replacement bulb $1799 shipped

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    Hey guys,
    Well, this was a fun hobby for a while but I have decided to sell my Panasonic ae300 home theater projector with 370 hours on the original lamp PLUS my brand new replacement bulb with only 1 hour on it (these cost about $300 new). This is the Japanese version of the panasonic L300u and they are identical in every way except that the Japanese unit has a silver case color while the American version is dark gray. really likes this projector, here is a link to their review [​IMG]

    Specifics on my ae300:
    - Purchased in late October 2002 from pricejapan
    - 370 total hours of use on the original bulb (about 295 hours on low lamp power, 75 on high lamp power)
    - 6 months left on pricejapan's 1-year warranty
    - Original box, remote, manual (hardcopy in Japanese plus I have the English version as a .pdf file), and a few extra dust filters
    - Onscreen menus have been set to English [​IMG]

    This is a perfect unit: NO dead or stuck pixels/subpixels, NO color uniformity issues, and NO vertical banding. It is in perfect working and cosmetic condition, as it has been handled with kid gloves since its purchase. The fan speed has been run on high for the entire life of the projector, and it has been kept in a room that averages a temperature of 66-68 degrees (keeping the projector cool helps extend the life of the bulb and the panels).

    I am asking $1799 (prefer paypal) shipped anywhere in the lower 48 for the ae300 + replacement bulb (I would rather not break these up). Anyone in the Atlanta area is welcome to drop by my Marietta apartment and inspect the unit. If you have any questions please drop me a PM or email me at:

    Thanks for looking,
    Mike U.

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