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    Denver, CO (September 3, 2008) -- Panasonic today announced the introduction of its new cutting-edge receiver, model SA-BX500, a 7.1-channel AV control receiver that delivers a level of audio quality worthy of today's beautiful Full-HD images. As an AV selector, the SA-BX500 can send 1080p Full-HD video signals (as well as Deep Color or x.v.Color video signals) from a Blu-ray DiscTM player to a TV without degradation when connected to both units via HDMI cables.

    “The HD age demands an A/V receiver that can amplify information-rich digital signals without degradation, output images with minimal degradation, and offer advanced ease of use,” says Paul Sabo, national marketing manager for Panasonic Home Audio. “The SA-BX500 excels in all three areas and is the ideal complement to a high definition, flat panel home theater set-up.”

    The SA-BX500 features a decoder for the HD Audio (Dolby® TrueHD, Dolby® Digital Plus and DTS-HDTM Master Audio) now adopted in Blu-ray DiscTM, so users can enjoy the deep, lifelike ambience of 7.1-channel surround sound that is a Blu-ray hallmark. Those with only a 5.1-channel speaker system can also enjoy 7.1-channel surround sound thanks to the SA-BX500's 7.1channel Virtual Surround Sound function.

    The receiver also boasts Bi-Amp/Bi-Wiring* which drives each of the high-frequency and low-frequency speaker units with a separate amp. Panasonic’s exclusive proprietary drive system also has an automatic internal circuit switching function that eliminates the need to reconfigure speaker connections when switching between 7.1-channel and stereo sound.

    Ease-of-use is further enhanced thanks to VIERA LinkTM, a technology that allows the consumer to operate VIERA Link equipped home theater components with a single remote. For example, the user can use the VIERA TV’s remote control to operate functions such as Auto Lip Synchronization, which adjusts for any lag between image and sound. This high performance receiver also employs Hard, Normal, Soft and Off modes in the Auto Speaker Set-up function for added convenience.

    The SA-BX500 debuts as an AV control receiver that is perfectly suited to the HD age. Combined with Panasonic's top-of-the-line DMP-BD35 or DMP-BD55 Blu-ray DiscTM Player and the SB-TP1000 Home Theater Speaker system, this new receiver lets users enjoy movies with stunning images and ultra-high-quality surround sound that elevate home entertainment to spectacular heights.

    *Bi-wiring compatible speakers are required.

    SA-BX500 A/V Control Receiver Benefits

    1. High performance amplifier and decoder compatible with Blu-ray DiscTM 7.1ch high quality audio
    2. Easy one-touch inter-operability of all Panasonic components equipped with VIERA LinkTM
    3. Three HDMI inputs and six A/V inputs for easy connection of multiple components.

    7.1ch High Quality Audio

    Compatible with all new Audio Blu-ray DiscTM Codec
    HD Audio Decode
    The SA-BX500 features decoders that are compatible with all the latest 7.1-channel surround sound formats used by the Blu-ray DiscTM standard.

    Realistic Surround Sound with Impressive Ambience
    7.1ch Real Surround Sound
    The SA-BX500 provides 130 watts per channel and supports up to 7.1-channel of audio output. It delivers the latest 7.1-channel surround sound to recreate powerful ambience rivaling that of movie theater systems.

    7.1ch Surround Sound from 5 Speakers
    7.1ch Virtual Surround
    The original Panasonic technology makes it possible for a 5.1-channel speaker system to accurately reproduce 7.1-channel surround sound. You can enjoy virtually the same kind of powerful, lifelike sound and dynamic acoustic presence you get with a 7.1-channel system, even if you don't have enough space for eight speakers.

    Original Sound-Enhancing Technology
    Bi-Amp/ Bi-Wiring
    The SA-BX500 will automatically switch its internal circuits each time it receives a 2-channel signal and reproduce the sound using the bi-amp, bi-wiring system.
    Thanks to an exclusive, proprietary technology, the speaker cables do not need to be reconnected to switch between 2-channel and 7.1-channel sound.

    *The front speakers need to be connected in a bi-amp, bi-wiring configuration

    Uncompromising Sound-Enhancing Technologies
    High Performance DSP
    Two high performance 32 bit floating-point digital signal processors in the decoder section perform the complex decoding that is unique to HD Audio signals and process high-speed 192 kHz signals. Peripheral parts are also tuned with a lossless signal processing technology for more dynamic sound reproduction.

    HDMITM V.1.3a Compatible IC (Deep Color, x.v.Color, High Bit Rate Audio)
    The latest interface supports Deep Color, x.v.Color and high bit rate audio: Dolby®TrueHD and DTSTM-HD Master Audio. (3 inputs and 1 output can be assigned to 4 inputs.) In addition, our original Auto Lip Sync function automatically matches the image displayed on the screen to the sound reproduced from the speakers, and high quality digital video and audio signals are transmitted through a single HDMI cable.

    OFC Coil
    Oxygen-free copper is used in the power line filter coil and other parts to deliver expansive mid- and high-range sounds, while maintaining balance with other audio components.

    Two MOS FETs and peripheral circuits have been integrated into a single half-bridge circuit. Its reduced inductance improves the EMI characteristic, while the low RDS (ON) improves thermal efficiency and the low internal gate resistance RG minimizes dead-time deviation. Together, this achieves higher amp performance and better sound quality.

    Easy to Use

    VIERA LinkTM Corrects Time Lag between Images and Sounds
    Auto Lip Synchronization
    The SA-BX500 includes Auto Lip Synchronization via VIERA LinkTM to match the image displayed on the TV with the sound reproduced from the speakers.

    Wireless Connection Keeps the Room Neat and Uncluttered
    Rear Wireless & Multi Room Wireless
    The SA-BX500 offers two ways to enjoy wireless convenience ¬– Rear Wireless or Multi-Room Wireless.

    Easy Correction of Acoustic Ambience
    Auto Speaker Set Up
    Simply connect the speaker setup microphone, place it at your usual listening position, and press and hold the Test button on the remote control to start the automatic setup.
    You can also select Hard/ Normal/Soft/Off mode.

    • Home Theater Mode: provides equal high power output of 130W/ch – 7ch (20Hz-20kHz, 6 ohms, 0.7% THD) to Front Speaker Left/Right, Center Speaker, Surround Speaker Left/Right, Surround Back Speaker Left/Right
    • Powerful Stereo Mode: 130W/ch – 2ch
    • 96kHz/24-bit Audio A/D Converter for Analog Input
    • Built-in Dolby TrueHD, Dolby Digital Plus and DTSTM-HD Master Audio Decoder
    • 7.1 ch Virtual Surround with 5 Speaker System
    • Sound Field Control (MUSIC: Live, Pop/Rock, Vocal, Jazz, Dance, Party
    CINEMA: News, Action, Stadium, Musical, Game)
    • Bi-Amp Operation Mode
    • Auto Speaker Setup for Quick and Easy Setting
    • Status Message Display
    • Speaker Configuration Settings for each channel: Large, Small, None (Except Front L/R Channels)
    • Multi-Control JOG
    • Auto Lip Synchronization Functon with VIERA LinkTM (HDAVI Control 3)
    • HDMI Terminals 3-In, 1-Out (1080/24p / x.v.color/ Deep Color)
    • 8ch Discrete Inputs for connection to Blu-ray DiscTM Player or DVD Recorder /Player
    • 4 Digital Inputs [3 Optical, 1 Coaxial (192kHz Compatible with Blu-ray DiscTM and DVD)]
    • 4 Component Video Terminals (3-In, 1-Out)
    • 6 S-Video Terminals (5-In, 1-Out)
    • Video Rec Output with S-video Out
    • Front Audio/Video Input
    • Subwoofer Output for extended bass reproduction
    • Universal Dock for iPod /SH-PD10*
    *With the purchase of SH-PD10.
    • Large Speaker Terminals for All Channels
    • Front Gold Plated Terminal to Preserve Signal
    • A and/or B Speaker Selector with Low Imp Function
    • Ready for up to 7.1ch with Optional Wireless Rear Speaker Kits with LED indicator
    • Wireless Ready for Multi-Room* with LED indicator
    *Purchase of SH-FX67 (Wireless kit for Rear Speakers) and 5.1ch/7.1ch speaker system are necessary and Multi-Room are not functional at the same time.
    • Quartz-Synthesized Digital Tuning System
    • 10-Key Direct Tuning (Via Remote Control)
    • Universal Remote Controls most current TVs, Blu-ray DiscTM Player, DVD Recorder/ Player and STB

    Model NumberSA-BX500
    Power Output at 20Hz-20kHzFront (L/R)130 W x 2 (6ohms, THD 0.7%)
    Each Ch. DrivenCenter130 W (6ohms, THD 0.7%)
    Surround (L/R)130 W x 2 (6ohms, THD 0.7 %)
    Surround Back (L/R)130 W x 2 (6ohms, THD 0.7%)
    Total Harmonic Distortion0.7 % (6 ohms)
    (at 20Hz- 20kHz)
    Frequency Response
    Input*14Hz-40kHz, ±2dB
    BD PLAYER 8CH4Hz-40kHz, ±2dB
    S/N (IHF A)
    Digital Input97dB
    FM Frequency Response87.9-107.9MHz (200kHz Steps)
    87.5-108.0MHz (100kHz Steps)
    AM Frequency Response520-1710kHz
    Dolby Digital Decoder● (Dolby TrueHD, Dolby Digital Plus,
    Dolby Digital EX)
    Dolby Pro Logic● (IIx)
    DTS Decoder● (DTS-HD Master Audio,
    DTS-HD High Resolution Audio, DTS-HD Low Bit Rate, DTS ES, Neo:6, DTS 96/24)
    Auto Speaker Setup●
    VIERA LinkTM● (HDAVI Control 3)
    HDMI Inputs/ Outputs3-in, 1-out
    Component Video Inputs/ Outputs3-in, 1-out
    S-Video Inputs/Outputs5-in, 1-out
    Video Inputs/Outputs5-in, 1-out
    Video Rec Output1-out (with S-Video)
    Front Audio Input1-in (S-Video)
    Digital Inputs4 (3-optical, 1-coaxial)
    8-ch Discrete Inputs●
    Audio Inputs/ Outputs6-in / 1-out
    Subwoofer Output●
    Digital Synthesizer Tuner●
    Universal Dock for iPod® /SH-PD10*2●
    Remote Control● (Universal)
    Weight (lb.)(Approx.)11
    Dimensions (W x H x D) (inch)(Approx.)16-15/16" x 6-1/4" x 13-11/32"

    *2 With the purchase of SH-PD10

    * Notes: Total harmonic distortion is measured by digital spectrum analyzer.
    Total harmonic distortion is measured by using AES 17 filter.

    Design and specifications subject to change without notice.

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