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    I'm sure it'll appear off the main page eventually, but for now ... the whole thing is here, altho I'll include a couple of clips below. looking at the email headers, this came thru last night. kind of suprised to see no discussion anywhere?

    Going to have to take a look at the guesses about the RR2150 in the Outlaw Contests forum and come up with one of my own ... [​IMG] Some new b-stock combo's, etc.


    Outlaw Audio Update Newsletter
    Mid-Spring 2003


    That’s right! Although we tend to spend most of our time in the Hideout or around the Outlaw Chuck wagon, we know that we should take our own advice that everyone take a break from the home theater once in a while to breathe some fresh air. Fresh air is in abundance at our destination, San Francisco, where the Outlaws will once again be out in force for the annual Home Entertainment Show at the Westin-St. Francis Hotel from June 5th through June 8th.




    In true Outlaw fashion, we do want to have a bit of fun with a product that will be previewed. Some of you have noted a Room in the Outlaw Saloon for the “RR 2150”, and we know that you are wondering what that is. We confess to having posted the RR 2150 room a bit early, but to keep the speculation going we’ve decided to turn that into a contest. ...

    Two Model RR 2150s will be awarded: one for the first guess posted that comes closest to an accurate description of what it will be. Try your best to not only describe the product, but to decode the information in the model designation. Another RR 2150 will go to the entry that, in our sole opinion, is the most humorous description of what it might be, but isn’t. Everyone is allowed one entry in each category.

    To get you started, we’ll seed things with some hints. The first is to say that the RR 2150 is the first of its kind for the Outlaws, but it may be the last of its kind for anyone and everyone else. In other words, this product is in a category where we currently do NOT offer a product, and when we’re done it may well be that no one else will offer one again. As a further hint, for those of you who are die hard film buffs is a reference to one of the Outlaw’s favorite obscure films. The general philosophy of this product was loosely inspired by the movie The Final Countdown, with Kirk Douglas.

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