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    Sorry if this has been asked a thousand times. From my searching, it's a little unique because of my goals. I'm a volunteer at a conference that runs mutliple movie screening rooms from a central playout location. Most of our rooms use whatever speakers/receiver hardware we could find in matching sets. When we put together an new HD screening room, we wanted to upgrade the sound system to match. The room is about 20' x 60' and seats around 80 people. Since our video is sent from a central location over HDMI, I don't want to waste money on receivers with Blu-ray playback or a whole bunch of input options. 1 HDMI in and 1 HDMI out (to our projector) would be perfect. It's for film screening (not particularly for audiophiles), but I'd like to be able for loud scenes to have the right impact without too much distortion. I'd prefer to move from our current 2.1 situation to 5.1, but 7.1 is probably overkill for a temporary screening room that lasts 3 days. Free standing speakers are a plus since that would save on having to buy stands. Our budget is around $200 to $500 based on trying to get the most bang for our buck. I've been looking at systems like the Onkyo HT-S5400. I'm not wedded to an all-in-one kit, but since it's going to be packed and unpacked fairly often, it seemed like the kit would at least provide a box to keep the system all together. Onkyo seemed to have better reliability reviews then some of the competitors. Let me know if there is any additional information I can provide, and I'm open to any suggestions. Thanks!

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